• Transparent condition monitoring
  • Informative, clear dashboards
  • IT services and cloud access
  • Scalable solutions for large data volumes
  • Easy integration

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Boost your machine uptime with vConnect

Condition monitoring gives you a transparent view of your Viscom inspection systems – from machine performance, to uptime and machine equipment. Intelligent methods and devices collect data that shows the actual state of your machines, basically in real time. Irregularities and deviations are pinpointed as a result, and the processing of the machine and process data lets you optimize your workflows.


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Monitoring and protection against malfunctions with the IT management service

The IT management service ensures improved availability of your system computers and machine-related IT systems. Monitoring, control and IT security and backup services are included in the service. The status of the individual services is monitored on a centralized basis and clearly displayed in dashboards. Thanks to the backup service, you are protected against security gaps and data losses. You receive simple, convenient notifications from the service when important or unusual events occur – all with the goal of boosting the productivity of your machines.


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Your high-performance storage solution for large amounts of data

Data volumes increase continuously – this offers great potential, because AI and Big Data are driving industrial connectivity forward. Enormous opportunities arise through data collection, evaluation and use. This is where vConnect comes into play – as a scalable and powerful storage solution for large data volumes and various file formats, including monitoring. We will be happy to advise you on our various, modern solutions, up to and including cloud connection and use.


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